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All sea lovers should travel

Everyone loves the pleasure of feeling the cool sea breeze against their cheeks while enjoying a nice long trip. Who would say 'no' to a relaxing trip to the shores of the Bay of Bengal after seeing scenes of cultural and archaeological heritage in and around Chennai?

All sea lovers should travel the vast east coast road trip of South India at least once in their lifetime.

The East Coast Road is one of the beautiful roads in Chennai that connects the coastal areas of Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Chidambaram, Tranquebar, Karikal, Nagore, Nagapattinam, Ramanathapuram and Thoothukudi along the Bay of Bengal. This scenic road is very popular among the people. The East Coast Road delights travellers, passing through many cities and many beautiful landscapes, offering the best views of coastal India.

A road trip to enjoy the breeze.

If you are also planning an East Coast road trip, Wooden ECR Sea Resort provides a rental jeep in case you don’t have your own vehicle. Check out our Sightseeing Page to plan your road trips with ECR. Major attractions, local sightseeing and route information - we are offering all the necessary details.

Travelling by public transport comes with restrictions, and you may not be able to enjoy the long rest breaks you need on the road. Now that we have clarified the basics, let's know everything you need to know about East Coast Road Travel with your holiday plan.

ECR Trip

Everyone loves road trips. They are a fun way to explore the country and bond with those who travel with you. Driving from Chennai to Pondicherry can be done in a variety of ways. But ECR road travel is always a favourite among tourists and locals alike. Although you can make this trip at any time of the year, the months from October to February are the best months. The weather is pleasant and ideal for looking around. Avoid March to June when the weather is very hot. Also, July, August and September are the rainy months.

A speciality of the ECR road trip

You can explore many untouched and pleasant beach areas that are pollution-free and have no traces of human intervention. All you have to do is pick up our packages at your convenience. You can choose the deal for yourself as per your requirement. The wooden sea resort offers a sophisticated and unforgettable experience. We are sure you will enjoy your time at our resort, so fill out your booking form right now and join the experience.

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